How to Know If a Girl Wants to Sleep With You – 7 Cues You Must Know Before Leading Her to Sex

Sex is most primal desire that every man has. Normally, every man does his boring 9-6 job just because of two reasons, 1st he can eat to live, and the 2nd reason is he could have sex so that he can enjoy his life. Well, if you have a girlfriend and you got some cues that she might be interested in having sex with you, then you must ensure that she really wants to have sex with you. In this article you will get some of my crucial tips to know whether your girlfriend wants to sleep with you or not. Read on to discover the secrets.How to know if a girl wants to sleep with you?Here are some cues for you to figure out if she wants to have sex with you:#1. She always leans forward when she talks to you. Watch her body language; is she trying to impress you through her body? Does she become closer to you when she laughs? Does she touch your body when she laughs? All these cues indicate that she is preparing herself to have sex with you.#2. Does she send you adult text messages or tell you adult jokes? If she is a normal girl who doesn’t have a label of ‘slut’ or ‘whore’, then it is sure that she really wants to sleep with you.#3. When she talks to you, watch her eyes carefully. If you find that her pupils are dilated then it is a great cue that she has a great affection for you.#4. Watch her hands carefully, and read where her hands go when she talks to you. Does she touch her crotch or breasts? Subconsciously, she wants you to touch them. It also indicates that she has a great sensual of having sex with you.#5. Watch her legs. Find out whether they are open or closed. Open legs are a cue that she is thinking about your seriously.#6. When you have a long conversation with her, watch her cheeks. If her cheeks become rosy, then she wants to sleep with you.#7. Watch her lips. Wet and slightly open lips are a big cue for you. It is also indicates that she wants you to kiss her. If you want to make sure that she really wants you to kiss her, I suggest you to move closer to her. If she closes her eyes then she really wants you to kiss her, and at this time you can lead her to have sex with you. Well, if she doesn’t close her eyes, then maybe she needs some more time to sleep with you.Want to know more? Visit the next page.